Steel Manufacture

Besides offering the manufacture of steel components such as
equipment, pressure vessels, pipe sections and accessories, the HAW Linings also undertakes machining of steel components.

  • Steel equipment
  • meeting environmental agencies' standards
  • Pressure vessels
  • Steel pipe sections
  • Steel accessories

Steel equipment can be manufactured in the following dimensions:

Outside dimensions diam. up to 5,500 mm
  length 15,000 mm
Steel wall thicknesses from 3 mm to 22 mm
Weight up to 25 t

The manufacturing of components for the chlorine electrolysis is part of our delivery program. Besides the fabrication of new steel components, also their repair is part of our services. Another service of the HAW Linings GmbH is the establishment of technical documentations, as well as calculations acc. to AD-Regelwerk. The HAW Linings GmbH is certified by Pressure Equipment Directive module H, H1.


HAW Linings is equipped for all standard machining methods such as:

Tuming diam. up to 4,500 mm x 8,00 mm
Tuming diam. up to 3,790 mm x 8,000 mm
Grinding cambering with concave grinding 0-15 mm
CNC miling 5600 mm x 3100 mm in a single clamping operation
Planing 2,000 mm width up to 16,000 mm length



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