Branch Solutions

HAW has been successfully involved in a large number of industries for many decades now.

This vast amount of experience has made HAW one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial corrosion protection systems.


IndustriesApplication Fields
Chemical industry Reactors, autoclaves, process and storage tanks, absorption towers, drying towers, scrubbers, process floors, secondary containment, trenches, sumps and pits
Power industry Flue gas scrubbers, wastewater treatment plants, flue gas ducts and chimneys, piping
Food industry Decomposition vessels, intermediate storage tanks, channels and pits
Metal ore processing Decomposition vessels and deposition tanks, autoclaves, electrolysis cells, storage tanks
Pulp and paper industry Bleaching towers, agitator vessels, storage and process tanks, piping and chimneys
Fertilizer industry Reaction and decomposition vessels, storage and cooling tanks

HAW Linings materials and products are also successfully used in other major industries such as the:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Textile industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Wastewater industry


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