Summary Company Certificates




 ISO 50001


Certificate Norm ISO 50001


Certificate meeting DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Proof of implementation and maintenance of a Quality System for the development, sale and production of corrosion-resistant linings and coatings as well as systems, equipment and components for the chemical industry, industrial corrosion protection and environmental protection


Certificate on the implementation of a Safety Management System in conformity with the guiding principles SCC**:2002 (general certification). The certificate is valid for: Floorings, Transportation, Processing and Services & Installation.

PED 97/23/EC Annex III, Module H/H1


Certificate meeting Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC Annex III, Module H/H1 Proof of implementation and maintenance of a Quality Assurance System for the design, development, manufacture and sale of pressure vessels and piping.

DIN EN 729-2

Certificate meeting DIN EN 729-2 Proof of compliance with technical welding quality requirements for technical welding activities and nondestructive testing.

AD Data Sheet HP0

Certificate of compliance with the following important requirements: Facilities for appropriate production and testing, quality assurance and competent supervisory and test personnel

KTA 1401

Proof of qualification for the system- and product-related Quality Assurance for the planning, manufacture, installation and servicing of equipment, pipes and fittings with corrosion-resistant linings, coatings, rubber linings


Certificate meeting German Water Resources Act (WHG) § 19 I Proof of acceptance as specialists according to § 19I WHG for the following activities: Coatings, rubber linings for vessels, piping, containments, sealing faces

PED Annex I No. 4.2b


Particular material appraisal meeting PED Annex I No. 4.2b

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