Rubber Linings

Rubber linings can be installed either at our plant in Bornum (shop lining) or directly on site (on-site lining). A crucial factor is the size of the item to be protected. On-site rubber linings can be used for high-quality corrosion protection even on large, immobile steel or concrete structures.

Rubber linings have proven highly effective in providing a reliable and long-lasting protection against corrosion and chemical attack.

The range of hard or soft rubber linings supplied are based on natural or synthetic rubbers:

  • HAW-PSR01
  • HAW-PSR06
  • HAW-PSR08
  • HAW-PSR12
  • HAW-PSR31
  • HAW-PSR06 CB

such as

  • HAW-HR05
  • HAW-HR08
  • HAW-HR22
  • HAW-HR22R
  • HAW-HR90
  • HAW-HR94

and our special products

  • HAW-BH6101


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