Remain completely calm - even if substances are aggressive

Problem-solving solutions for the chemical industry

Corrosion protection is environmental protection

Reliable protection for water, air and soil

High safety level under extreme conditions

Special problem-solving solutions for plants that are subjected to aggressive chemicals and high thermal loading

Fundamental work for the latest coating processes

GBT: A worldwide, quality partner to the car manufacturing industry

Steadfast protection for meeting the highest of requirements

Modern power plants need reliable long-term protection

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HAW Linings GmbH

HAW Linings GmbH has been successfully specializing in industrial surface protection systems for over 90 years.

HAW’s range of services extend from the lining of components or equipment, normally made of steel, to the manufacture of equipment and steel components including its own corrosion protection.

Apart from offering planning, advice and the on site installation of components or equipment, using its own qualified fitters or just in a supervising role, HAW also offers a 24 hour on-demand repair and maintenance service.

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